Botanical beauty: Silke Schneiders, TUALIQUE

  Image courtesy of TUALIQUE

Image courtesy of TUALIQUE

Meet Silke Schneiders, a certified esthetician, skincare fanatic and founder of eco luxe Skincare brand – TUALIQUE. When she’s not sipping on her morning green tea or scouring the PubMed scientific database for biochemistry articles, Silke is constantly on the lookout for new botanicals and clean modern cosmetic ingredients to make TUALIQUE products even more effective. We spoke with the founder to find out all about her eco-green journey and creating her very own skincare brand.

Silke began her green beauty journey like many women do – with the quest of having the skin she had always dreamed of. Despite her rigorous formal education as a state board German certified esthetician and the access to the latest luxury brands, she was always searching for that ‘miracle’ product to rid her of her blemishes. It wasn’t until she focused on improving the health and vitality of her skin as a living organ, instead of simply treating surface issues that she began to find results. “I discovered the power of natural ingredients and the ‘magic’ that I had been searching for finally happened,” says Silke. “Everything changed when I founded TUALIQUE, as I finally found the glowing, radiant me that was beneath the surface.”

Inspired to create a brand that offered plant based and clean skincare products Silke founded TUALIQUE in 2013. “I created TUALIQUE to fulfil my vision of exceptionally effective clean products to help clients achieve their healthiest, most vibrant skin possible,” says Schneiders. Using advanced and concentrated botanical products TUALIQUE offers pure and effective skincare without any nasty ingredients. “We use natural oils and butters, organic when possible, clean emulsifiers and preservatives and most importantly an abundant use of potent botanical extracts,” says the founder. With an eye for analysing new ingredients and the knowledge of flower and plant based skincare, Silke’s green beauty journey led her to build a successful eco beauty brand with customers all over the world trusting the benefits of botanical beauty.

As new green ingredients emerge everyday, Silke explains that her love for research and knowledge of developments within the biochemistry industry makes TUALIQUE products so effective. In her mother tongue, Silke tells us: “My best friend calls me her ‘kleiner forscher’, which means ‘little scientist and explorer’ because I am constantly on the lookout for new botanicals and clean modern cosmetic ingredients.”

For Silke it was important to build a brand that focused on offering the most natural and clean cosmetic science that nature has to offer. “Every ingredient that we use is meticulously researched and tested to make sure that we use the right ingredients, the right amount and the best combination to make the products as effective as possible.”

Whilst the product line offers an array of products for different skin types, and problems, Silke’s main incentive was to create a line of products that will not just treat a surface problem, but improve the overall health of the skin from the inside out. “As skin health improves, blemishes or dry skin symptoms disappear and radiance is revealed,” she explains.

The small, independent skincare brand also prides itself on not using any ingredients that can introduce harmful elements to the skin. “The skin is the largest organ in the body,” says the businesswoman. “What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your system so it is important to only put things on your skin that are good for your body.” This philosophy means TUALIQUE products will not contain any parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, polysorbates or any other nasties that can introduce harmful elements to the skin. Each product is filled into airless containers and are made in micro batches which informs the customer on how long it will last once it is opened. “After all, skincare products are food for our skin and food expires,” says Silke.

But whilst Silke recognises the benefits of using fresh, natural ingredients on the skin, she explains that the green washing amongst products and the lack of regulation amongst the industry can lead to confusing amongst consumers. “Everybody has different interpretations of green and it can sometimes be difficult to sort through the messages to find out what you need to know,” says Schneiders. To tackle the issue at TUALIQUE she explains, “We try and focus on providing our customers with the best clean ingredients and absolute transparency on ingredients.”

With summer just around the corner, what can we expect from TUALIQUE for the rest of 2017? Whilst the Fabulous Face & Eye cream is its absolute bestseller, followed by the Youth Recovery Serum, Silke says we can expect more ground-breaking and transformative botanical products this year, “We have exciting surprises planned throughout the year and plenty of new releases lined up,” she adds, “We also recently launched a luxurious in-shower Bath + Shower Oil that emulsifies on contact, locking in moisture and turning your skin to smooth satin which we think will be a big hit this summer.”

Originally published on PURE.