Pillow talk with Lacy Larson, The Right Pillow

A comfortable night's sleep is the key to looking and feeling our best. But did you know that according to a recent study by Dreams, 63% of Britons say they actually sleep poorly most nights? So if you’re someone who is fed up of tossing and turning and want to get a good nights kip, look no further. We talk pillow talk with Lacy Larson, co founder of organic sleep essential company, The Right Pillow.

Certified organic, sustainable and ethically sourced, The Right Pillow is female-owned and run; with the goal of bringing a better night’s sleep to everyone. Founded in 2015, it is run by best friends Chrissie Colton and Lacy Larson. “Our mission is simple,” says Larson. “It is to bring healthy, safe, environmentally conscientious products to the masses, providing the best night’s sleep and ultimately a better version of oneself.”

The concept all started with a simple nights sleep when founder, Chrissie Colton’s dream became a reality – literally! “After struggling with neck pain and training her body to stay in the back sleeping position for relief, she dreamt of a better way,” says the co founder. Colton’s dream led her to the design, the name and a mission. “I then met her a few years later and that dream became a reality.”

With over 30 years experience in marketing and advertising, combined with an original pillow and the drive of 100 women, The Right Pillow has reinvented sleep essentials for the masses. Two years later, the pair offer a selection of organic pillows, protective pillowcases and even children’s pillows, that are green and environmentally conscious. And it doesn’t stop there, as the pillows have made it into boutique hospital concierge suites, written up by eco-friendly publications and featured on numerous radio shows.

The Right Pillow’s philosophy is all about creating safe, environmentally conscious and cruelty free sleep essentials, but whilst all of their products are green, they are much more than just a trend. Larson explains how mass produced, conventional products use fabrics and fills that are synthetic and chemically laden. “Flame-retardants, bleach and formaldehyde are known carcinogens found in conventional pillows that can cause many health issues, respiratory ailments, hormone disruption allergies and migraines,” says Larson. So whilst the products are ethical and sustainable, they are also better for your health. “We spend nearly 30% of our lives cheek to pillow breathing in the off-gassing of these toxins,” says the entrepreneur. “By using organic bedding it removes those dangers and allows your body to use sleep as a truly restorative rest period.”

For a safer and more sustainable pillow, it is all about investing in the process from farm to bed, according to Larson. “Our materials are sourced in a away that allows us to sleep without the guilt of animal cruelty or abuse. We use only organic cotton so not to further contribute to the GMO and pollution crisis.”

The Right Pillow provides custom support; which means is can be filled with either wool bolus or shredded latex depending on your preferences. But to adhere to ethical standards, the founders use wool that is sourced from small carding mills that respect the animals and value the relationship with them. And as for the latex, it is grown on sustainable farms and certified organic.

But although Colton and Larson’s mission to create a trustworthy, transparent and environmentally conscious business, the pair recognise that there is a trend of mainstream brands jumping onto the ‘green’ market without adhering to any certification. “As companies get bought out by bigger companies, often times the core values and true eco friendly status is lost. Sadly these false claims have made it harder for those who are working diligently to improve the world through the practices they use,” says Larson.

To find the brands you can trust as ethical, Larson suggests that a bit of research can do wonders. “Education through deep digging is the only way to really know if a company is true to their claims. Read labels, ask questions about sources, manufacturing processes and why certain ingredients are included.” She adds: “It is imperative to weed out the environmentally conscientious companies in the marketplace.” But overall honesty is the best policy in business according to both women. “Transparency is the king of all things and a company with heart-centered, honest intentions will show and tell proudly.”

With momentum growing and people demanding better, safer and healthier products, what can we expect to see from The Right Company this year? Larson says, “The remainder of the year is going to be incredible for The Right Pillow. We are hearing testimonials daily from people of all ages, shapes and sizes- thanking us for giving them sleep, with less pain and more comfort.” She adds, “That is what keeps us pushing harder and always with the heart-centred passion. We love what we do and how we do it, because at the centre of it all is health, happiness and a better night’s sleep.”

You can find the The Right Pillow range here.

Originally published on PURE.