Czech Republic to ban fur farms by 2019

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The Czech Republic join 12 other European countries as Czech government officials voted 132 to 9 in favour of banning fur farms. 

The nine fur farms - currently in possession of 20,000 foxes and minks - in the country are expected to have fully closed by 31st January 2019, with Bosnia, Herzegovina and Lithuania looking to pass similar legislation next year. 

The by the Czech Chamber of Deputies was held earlier this month, with the legislation proposed by Chamber Environment Committee chair Robin Böhnisch.

“This is a victory which proves that killing animals for fashion’s sake is no longer supported among the Czech politicians,” Böhnisch said. “I am happy to see this barbarian practice end in the Czech Republic, and I hope that our legislators will set an example for their colleagues in other countries where fur farming bans are currently being discussed.”


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