Q&A with Harriet Dell of Monster Vintage Kids

Harriet Dell sells a beautiful collection of children's vintage through her online store Monster Vintage Kids, a place you can find treasures such as baby Hawaiian shirts, vintage Oshkosh dungarees and little frilly rompers. Not only does dressing your children in vintage prevent less clothes from being mass produced, but it enables your children to have their own unique style from a young age and learn the benefits of reusing clothes that haven't met their sell-by date just yet. 

1. What led to you starting Monster Vintage Kids?

I started MVK almost three years ago as a friend of mine opened a shop in Walthamstow called Mother's Hub selling kids clothes, shoes and gifts, all either organic or locally designed and made, and she asked if I'd be interested in putting a rail in there. I wasn't selling at all at that point but she knew that I wore vintage and dressed my kids in vintage. I thought, why not? I sold in there for a couple of years but now sell from my online shop.

2. What do you love so much about vintage?

I love the uniqueness of vintage, the quality and the nonconformity. 

3. How do you source the clothes? Where is your favourite place to find vintage?

I find clothes all over the place, boot sales, charity shops, friends with vintage shops selling adult stuff look out for things for me and many people have approached me via my online shop with clothes to sell, I love those emails the best! 

4. What are some of the pieces you find instantly get snapped up?

My best sellers are hard to pinpoint. Some things I know will get snapped up, do and others I think  will get snapped up, become the sad unwanted girls at the dance who no one asks out. Unusual Oshkosh sell like hot cakes, girls rompers, anything with an amazing print. 

5. Do most of your sales come from your Instagram page? And how do you make sure new people are finding your page?

Instagram plays a huge and integral part in my sales. I try to post at least a couple of times a week (I've got another job so can't always find the time) and hashtag and interact with my customers to build relationships. 

6. What do you think are the ethical and sustainable benefits of vintage? 

I love the fact that these clothes live on, are given a new lease of life and share new and modern adventures with their little owners. Not everyone wants to look or dress their children the same and many (including myself) try their best to buy as little mass-produced, pollution-adding, child labour-endorsing products as they can. 


7. Have you got anything in store for the future? Any new plans?

No major plans for world domination at the mo, just love my jobs and happy to make a little money and enjoy time with people I love.