London unveils plans for first tidal-powered school

  Image courtesy of Forbes Massie

Image courtesy of Forbes Massie

The plans for Thames Tidal Powered School, potentially London's "greenest public building" have been unveiled by Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture. 

The five-storey school building close to Cannon Street station will be entirely powered using the tidal movements of the River Thames. The plans show a series of large turbines underneath a building that juts into the river, these turbines would be responsible for harnessing the tidal energy. 

Wyne Head, one of the the two directors for Curl  la Tourelle Head Architecture, told Dezeen: "The design is conceived as an exemplar of low embodied energy and carbon construction technologies, using natural and bio-renewable materials sourced through local supply chains."

"Our intention is to create a school that is a recognised centre of excellence at a European level, providing world-class facilities through its sustainable design and use of materials."

Alongside the use of renewable materials to construct the building, the school will also boast a number of carbon monitoring systems which helps to keep the carbon footprint low. In addition, it has been designed in line for two major sustainability certifications: the Passivhaus standard and the BREEAM Outstanding rating – with the help of environmental engineering firm Elementa.


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