Renting baby clothes is now a reality

  Image courtesy of VIGGA

Image courtesy of VIGGA

Danish childrenswear company, VIGGA, is changing the landscape for how we purchase baby clothes.

The brand rents children's clothes, available from newborn to 29 months, designed by CEO and Co-founder Vigga Svensson. Made from organic cotton and wool, Svensson guarantees that no harmful chemicals are involved in the clothes. The service costs $55 a month (roughly £42.40).

"We want to end the throwaway society and invite you and your child to be part of our new community," Svensson says in their promotional video.

The system works with receiving a bag of clothes with 15-20 items of your child's size, when you need a larger size, you get another bag and return the first one.

VIGGA partner with an independent laundry who can wash the returned clothes on an industrial scale, ensuring that they are fresh for the next family who use them.

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