Q&A with Sophie Rees of Delores Daywear


Delores Daywear, a small business specialising in embroidering tees and hoodies with catchy slogans and lyrics, have become a statement for many insta-girls. Their account @deloresdaywear is a dream of pink and female-empowering inspiration, alongside photos of some of the women who wear their designs. sartorial snob spoke to their founder, Sophie Rees, on starting the small brand and where it’s going next.

1. What's the history behind Delores Daywear?

After a stint in London working in fashion, I returned to my hometown of Norwich to open a contemporary womenswear boutique. I was selling cool brands like Wood Wood + Baserange, but wanted to sell something fun where I could play around with the ideas I was having. I started really small, just producing tiny runs and selling them locally. Then in the end, it was my biggest selling brand and I decided to quit the shop and just focus on Delores! I’d just had my little girl, so it was a no brainer to run my business from home and build our tiny little pink empire from my living room.

2. Why did you decide to do slogan tees and hoodies?

I went to Paris about six years ago and saw a few super chic Parisian girls wearing embroidered tees, that’s where the idea first begun. Overtime it developed and I then started thinking it’d be interesting to subvert it and embroider bolshy rap lyrics, or lines from cinemas femme fatales in powder pink. 

I like the irony in it. I really try not to do the run of the mill stuff you can now buy in high street stores, I want to always keep it different and not what you’re expecting. Our last collection was inspired by Drake and our upcoming is quotes from Mean Girls! 

3. How do you decide what to embroider onto your products? 

I literally just get ideas from what I’m into at the time. What music I’m listening to or what film I’ve rediscovered. That’s what I love about Delores, it’s really organic and quick. I can stumble across an old song and a new collection begins.

4. Where are your products made?

All our embroidery is done by my BFF in our hometown of Norwich. Tristan is a fine artist by day, and has done some textiles work for big brands. So when he said he wanted to buy an embroidery machine it all blossomed beautifully! I love being able to work with my friends, having that respect and friendship is stitched into all the Delores pieces.

5. What ethical and sustainable practices do you involve in the company?

We keep things super simple. I choose to work with small kitchen-table ran businesses and independent creatives over (often cheaper) mass producers. I want to make Delores a collaborative, communal brand which supports everyone who is involved with it. My friend’s Mum hand stitches in all our labels, and my Mum packs them all off. We’re a team, Mums keep the world moving!

6. How do you feel when you see other brands doing what you are doing?

I take it as a good sign and keep moving forward! I was given some really wise advice once: ‘they might copy what you’ve done, but they can’t copy what you’re about to do.’ 

7. Where do you source the materials from?

Currently, Tristan embroiders onto wholesale t-shirts, but wherever possible I try to source ethical products. It’s hard to know the background of some of the products, so a lot of research goes into it. I’m hoping in the next year or so we’ll begin producing our own garments, so we will have much more control over the supply chain of our products.

8. Who's behind the making and designing of the clothes?

As Creative Director I take the decisions on what we’re going to do next, and what designs we should be doing. But it is a collaborative effort and we chat through it all as a team before they go to Tristan.

9. Your Instagram is a delight of pink inspiration, who is behind your social media and have you found it increases your sales?

Ha! Our Insta <3 it’s lovingly looked after by Lucie, our Social Media/PR Assistant. She’s been with us since the beginning and knows Delores inside out, I occasionally get stuck in but with a one year-old I’m not able to be on my phone as much. She does such a great job, there is definitely a correlation between our sales and social media presence. It’s such an incredible channel to be able to communicate directly to our customers. We feel really part of a community on there and it’s exciting to see it develop.

10. Where can you see the company going in the future?

My aim is to broaden out what we offer and to start manufacturing our own garments. So we are out of the wholesale constraints, and can really stretch our little design wings! I want full tracksuits, accessories, and more thought out pieces but all with a bit of Delores charm!