Fashion Revolution Week kicks off for fourth year running

The worldwide campaign, Fashion Revolution Week, has kicked off for the fourth year running. Starting with an initial #whomademyclothes campaign, it has now expanded to cover 90 countries with events taking place worldwide to bring awareness to the problems in the fashion industry supply chain.

Starting on the the 24th April, the campaign falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1,138 people and injured over 2,500 on 24th April 2013. 

This year's campaign theme is 'Money, Fashion, Power' - which looks at how money and power is structured within the supply chain, and how garment worker wages and the price the consumer pays match up. Raising more awareness of the real cost of making an item of clothing.

“As consumers, we have power. We are the driver of trends, and every time we buy something, we’re voting with our wallet," Carry Somers, Fashion Revolution Co-founder said. "We need to know that the people who clothe us are being paid enough to live with dignity. Otherwise, we’re effectively and unwittingly contributing to the exploitation of others.”

Events in the UK this year include: Running an Independent and Sustainable Fashion Brand by fashion label Bourgeois Boheme; Is Fair Fashion a Feminist Movement?; How to Dress Sustainably and a screening of The True Cost documentary with guest speakers Lauren McCrostie, Bee Friedmann and Amy Fleuriot. 


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