Younger generation will help to revolutionise fashion industry, says Baroness

  Image courtesy of The Man Booker Prize

Image courtesy of The Man Booker Prize

The younger generation's energy will help to end labour abuse within the fashion industry, British lawmaker Baroness Lola Young has claimed. 

Young, who was made a life peer of the House of Lords in 2004 and founded and All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion, believes young people are the key to changing the landscape of the fashion industry.

With greater awareness of where their clothes are made and how, young people are generally more engaged with political and social issues. "What feels like current political volatility has made some people sit up and think: 'What are we doing here? We've got to take more control over what's happening in this world and fight some of these injustices much more openly,'" she told Reuters. 

Although awareness of issues in the fashion industry has grown in recent years, especially with the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in 2013, Young believes people still don't think about the truth of where their clothes come from and how they are made.

The sustainable fashion campaigner believes there is no time like the present to change how things are being done: "Time is running out in relation to the environment, time is running out in terms of the dreadful impact that it's having on various communities and individuals around the world. So you've got to get on and do something really quickly."

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