5 quick ways to go plastic-free


Sustainability doesn't have to just take the form of a rigid recycling habit (although that is key to anyone's home), reducing your plastic intake at home makes a huge difference to the environment - as well as reducing your black bin waste massively.

1.  Sip your G&Ts through steel straws

Ditch the plastic throw-aways and use - and re-use - a stainless steel or titanium straw. Plastic constitutes 90% of all rubbish floating in the world's oceans and straws are among the top 10 of marine debris items. 

2. Go natural

Plastic toothbrushes also cause a high amount of waste, swap for a bamboo toothbrush like Pearl Bar. The bristles are infused with charcoal to give you whiter teeth too.

3. Get it in the bag

We all know now to avoid the dreaded 5p charge at supermarkets for plastic bags, but are you still wrapping your vegetable in those tiny ones? A reusable produce bag not only lessens the amount of bags you use, but it's made from organic cotton in a fair labour environment - ensuring ethical choices all round.

4. Lose the bottles

Keeping a reusable bottle on hand is one of the quickest ways to reduce your plastic intake. Klean Kanteen make BPA-free, stainless steel bottles and flasks that are brilliant for storing all of your favourite liquids.

5. Menstruate sustainably

Thinx, the brand behind the most-favoured period pants, have now released a reusable tampon applicator. Double it up with their organic tampons and you hugely reduce your plastic waste, along with ensuring you're only putting the best quality organic cotton tampons inside your vagina! Win-win.