The dry cleaners you have to know about

  Image courtesy of Blanc Clean

Image courtesy of Blanc Clean

The traditional, toxic method of dry-cleaning is being challenged by London-based dry cleaners BLANC. Replacing the petroleum-based solvent called Perchlorethylene (“Perc”) usually used to soak clothes in, BLANC's technology involves non-toxic, biodegradable detergents and pure water. 

Perc, not only found to be highly polluting, is also considered to be damaging to your health. Whereas the wet cleaning system used by BLANC, Electrolux, not only doesn't pollute the water used in the process but also uses less energy at lower temperatures. 


  • Firstly, stains are assessed and treated by hand using a range of non-toxic agents.
  • The garment is placed inside the cleaning machine that acts as a 'hand wash'.
  • The correct setting and detergent is used for the specific item of clothing. They even programme the required amount of water.
  • Next, the item is gentle dried and ironed or pressed by hand.
  • Finally, the garment is fully checked before being packed carefully.

Alongside their more sustainable cleaning method, BLANC also encourages the re-use of hangers and carrier bags, ensuring anything that does go to waste is recycled.

They currently operate in two stores in Notting Hill and Marylebone, and customers can pick up and drop off 24/7 to BLANC's Marylebone cleaners.