5 quick cheats for an ethical wardrobe

Having a completely ethical wardrobe is more of a life-dream than a yearly goal, it takes determination and hard work - trust us. We understand how disheartening it can be when you find an ethical website you love but every piece is way out of budget. But sweat no more, sartorial snob has compiled a list of five quick cheats on how to up your wardrobe's ethics. 

1. Go Vintage

Take a leaf from Grandma's book and rock some vintage vibes. Vintage/thrift shops are pretty fabulous places to find some real gems. It may take some digging - and you'll want to sustainably dry clean your clothes after - but it's an infinitely fun experience that could leave you feeling trendier than a 2017 version of Carrie Bradshaw.

2. Buy from ethically-sourced brands

Brands such as Reformation, Hanger, Svilu or Base Range are all brilliant in both how they treat their employees and the environment. Each brand different from the next, there is no hippy-dippy brown clogs to be found here.

3. Be charitable

Avoid the costs of buying brand-spanking-new and give a little back. Buying second-hand from your local charity shops is not only more ethical, but also more sustainable as you aren't creating a demand for more clothes to be made. You get the added bonus of not bumping into anyone else wearing the same thing too, because what could be more embarrassing than wearing the same Zara dress and jacket as another girl at the party?

4. Swap with your friends

Hopefully your friends are just as stylish as you are - if not, ignore this point and maybe find some new friends. Just kidding. However, swapping clothes with friends - old or new - means no money spent at all and you still get a chance to wear something different. All we are seeing here is a win-win situation.

5. Depop it

Ebay, Depop, Schpock, whatever the App, there are plenty of ways to find some really great second-hand or even unworn clothes for a cheaper price than usual. It's already been bought so you're not being unethical, and if you're that desperate for some Topshop in your life, then why not get it second-hand?